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BCJ Painting & Decorating: Terms and Conditions of Service



  • Quotes presented by John Cassidy, Brett Cassidy or an official representative of BCJ Painting & Decorating are non-negotiable

  • In order for a quote to be officially accepted, it must first be signed by the client and sent back to BCJ Painting & Decorating prior to any work commencing. Scanned and emailed copies of the signed quote will be accepted.

  • By signing and accepting a BCJ Painting & Decorating quote, you are therefore acknowledging and accepting all of our terms and conditions as listed herein

  • All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD)

  • All quotes are subject to 10% GST


Weather Conditions

  • BCJ Painting & Decorating reserves the right to postpone any contract when unsuitable weather conditions become a factor

  • Both project start and completion dates are subject to weather conditions and may be changed as a result of adverse weather


Paint Products/Colour Choices

  • BCJ Painting & Decorating accepts no responsibility for the selection of paint colours that you choose to have applied on your job. The responsibility of selecting and final decision on colour schemes is entirely that of the client. Recommendations and advice may be offered by John Cassidy, Brett Cassidy or a member of the BCJ Painting & Decorating team, however, the final choice of paint colours is always the sole responsibility of the client

  • If, for whatever reason, a client changes their mind once they have nominated specific colours, any costs associated with this alteration will be incurred in full by the client. This also includes the cost of labour during the process, additional materials that may need to be purchased as well as any GST



  • All invoices for work completed by BCJ Painting & Decorating must be paid within 7 Days of the completion of the project

  • Any invoice outstanding after 14 days will be handed to a registered debt collector and any costs associated with this process will be passed onto the client

  • BCJ Painting & Decorating reserve the right to request and receive progress payment(s) throughout the course of any job


Updated and Current as of: November 2017

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