Painting Services Melbourne

Painting Services Melbourne

Each of our projects begin when John provides you with a definitive estimate of what the job will involve. John not only outlines the work involved but following consultation with each potential customer, also provides a clear run-down of what preparation will be conducted, which materials will be applied and, of course, the costing of the project.

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It’s our aim to ensure you’re as informed as possible right from the get-go because, after all, nobody likes unexpected surprises!

Once work commences John and his team of house painters will tailor the project in a way designed to cause minimal disruption to your day-to-day lifestyle while simultaneously delivering maximum results.
In addition to offering both Interior and Exterior painting and decorating; John’s painting services Melbourne also include feature wall application, chalkboard walls, exterior deck staining and much more.

A tidy work site is another service that every client should come to expect. No empty drums, split paint or dirty floors. The only remainder you should expect to see will be your recently rejuvenated residence!

If you wish to request a particular service that isn’t mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact us and discover if it’s something John Cassidy’s painting services Melbourne can help achieve.

An overview of what John and his team of Melbourne house painters can offer you:


  • Exterior Painting
  • Interior Painting
  • Basic Repairs
  • Residential Painting
  • Commerical Painting
  • Feature Walls
  • Chalkboard Walls
  • Driveway Coating
  • Deck Staining and more
  • They really are the painters Melbourne can trust to get the job done – large or small!


If you’re interested in seeing some of John’s previous paint projects or are simply seeking a little inspiration, don’t forget to click through and visit the House Painters Gallery!

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Revolutionary hair extension method now in The Woodlands The Woodlands Texas Personal Care & Beauty News on Woodlands Online THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- The hair extension business is a multi-billion dollar business that continues to evolve in technology and heretofore one of the most common application methods was fusion, meaning the hair extension is literally glued to one's own hair. Unfortunately, after a period of time with brushing and styling, these extensions can fall out pulling one's own hair out from the follicle. The result is thin hair and the look can feel unnatural. Radiance Advanced Skin & Body Care offers advanced hair extension method pre bonded hair Radiance Advanced Skin & Body Care is now offering the most advanced, most revolutionary hair extension attachment method that guarantees no lumps, bumps, glue, damage, for a totally touchable human hair extension look and feel. "The InterSeal System™ attachment method system combines 100 percent Human Remy Cuticle Hair with an individualized paper thin adhesive gel attachment that can support multiple application techniques," Lauren Olson, PA-C and founder of Radiance Advanced Skin & Body Care, said. "This enables our client to intelligently choose the technique best suited to their hair type, condition and lifestyle for long wearing, damage-free hair. We are thrilled to be one of the first salons to make this revolutionary product available." The look is so natural that one can wear their hair up or down, straight or wavy, pulled back at the sides or in ponytail. for those who have had experience with hair extensions know all too well that to create these styles is tricky when wanting a natural, no tell look. "Not only are the extensions more versatile, the application time is quicker and the extensions last longer than what hair extension wearers have ever experienced," Lindy Hundl said, Certified Platinum Seamless Stylist with Radiance Advanced Skin & Body Care. "The extensions come in 37 color shades and the guarantee is that you will get the most natural look and feel possible with the True Touch System™. They are totally undetectable!" The True Touch System™ guarantees that there is no heat, no weft, no still polyurethane backing, no flue, metal or plastic to get in the way of you and beautiful, natural-feeling hair. "Your husband can run his hands over your hair without detecting that you are actually wearing extensions," Olson said. "At last, women can enjoy the hair length and volume without the negative effects of previous extensions." For more information, call Lindy Hundl at Radiance Advanced Skin & Body Care at 281.367.4700 or go to the website.

By Jessica Elliott | Published 07/11/2016 THE WOODLANDS, Texas — Local soap vendors Susan Anderson and Steven Lengyel are cleaning up the community one bar at a time. Their mother-son business, Ageless Beauty, has created a number of soaps that have helped the community’s needs from skincare to relaxation. Made with all natural ingredients, Ageless Beauty Handmade Soaps makes each bar in mind of their mission — “Hustlin’ clean, one bar at a time.” “There’s enough dirty out there, so I figured I’m going to be hustling clean,” Lengyel said. After putting in the different ingredients for the individual soaps, each soap bar takes several weeks to finish.remy hair extensions “We use different types of oils in our soaps — different ingredients for different scents. It takes about four to six weeks for these soaps to settle that way they’re not too concentrated to where they’re irritating,” Lengyel said. While this process is tedious, Lengyel said the work for this product definitely makes a difference in the community. Their products offer natural solutions to skincare troubles other than relaxation. According to many buyers, Ageless Beauty has made an impact. “People come up to me after using our product, and the feedback is amazing,” Lengyel said. “I’ve had no complaints so far. There was even a lady that came up one morning saying she had real bad Psoriasis under her eyes and after using our soaps, it was gone. I told her that there was no real cure, you know? But she took off her sunglasses and I saw nothing. It just left me to say, ‘Wow’.” With many local buyers using these soaps, even Lengyel and Anderson use the soaps too. With a high-quality product, they believe that anyone can enjoy it. Ageless Beauty sells their soaps at the Grogan’s Mill Farmers Market from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

By Lt. Brady Fitzgerald, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office | Published 07/27/2016 THE WOODLANDS, Texas — The following incidents were reported to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office from July 18-24. District 2 – Lt. Jim Fleming (South County) On July 18, Deputy S. Lee was sent to the 25600 block of Interstate 45 North, in reference to an assault call. The female suspect involved in the altercation had left the scene and was evading law enforcement. She was detained a short time later. The 32 year old female from Spring was arrested at 11:08pm, charged with assault and evading, and taken to jail. A 22 year old male from Magnolia was arrested at 1:38am, July 19, and taken to jail from the 25000 block of Interstate 45 North, by Deputy J. Logan, for a burglary of a habitation warrant. On July 19, Deputy J. Logan was notified of an intoxicated male in the 40700 block of Roundup Drive. The Deputy located the male and detained him. The 22 year old male from Magnolia was arrested at 8:53pm, charged with public intoxication, and transported to jail. On July 20, Deputy D. Holden responded to the 40700 block of Roundup Drive, in reference to found property. A male had been arrested at the location the night before for public intoxication. As the male was attempting to leave, it was found out later, he had dropped a bag containing numerous stolen items. The 22 year old male from Magnolia, who was still in jail, was additionally charged with burglary of a habitation at 2:20pm. On July 22, Deputies R. Leverston and C. Cooke were dispatched to the 1000 block of Sawdust Road, in reference to a disturbance and theft call. The Deputies met with management on location and immediately detained a male and female for disorderly conduct. As the investigation continued, it was determined the subjects were fraudulently attempting to transfer funds from a stolen credit card onto gift cards. During the investigation, the Deputies discovered the pair had fifty stolen gift and/or credit cards in their possession. The 26 year old male, from Houston, was arrested at 1:05am, charged with disorderly conduct, fraudulent possession of identifying information and tampering/fabricating physical evidence. The 22 year old female, from Houston, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and fraudulent possession of identifying information. Both subjects were transported to jail. perruques cheveux naturelsOn July 23, Deputy J. Logan was sent to a disturbance call in the 6900 block of FM 1488 involving an intoxicated male making threats against persons at a bar. The male was located and detained. The 33 year old male from Wake Village was arrested at 1:05am, charged with terroristic threat and public intoxication, and transported to jail. On July 23, Deputy W. Sharman stopped a vehicle on a traffic violation in the 32700 block of FM 2978. During the investigation the male driver was found to be in possession of marijuana. The 34 year old male from Katy was arrested at 1:47am and transported to jail. A 47 year old male from Conroe was arrested at 6:52pm, July 23, and taken to jail from a location on FM 1488 near Peoples Road, by Deputy M. Berry, for a criminal non-support warrant out of Grimes County. A 39 year old male from Spring was arrested at 10:55pm, July 23, and taken to jail from a location on Rayford Road, by Deputy R. McClintock, for a terroristic threat warrant. A 36 year old male from Spring was arrested at 2:48am, July 24, and taken to jail from the 24200 block of Interstate 45 North, by Deputy W. Sharman, for a failure to appear warrant. On July 24, Deputy R. McClintock was notified of a disturbance in the 1000 block of Sawdust Road involving a female attempting to leave the store with stolen items. The Deputy met with management and detained the female for theft and possession of a controlled substance. The 33 year old female from The Woodlands was arrested at 10:18pm and transported to jail.

On July 19, Deputies Beatty and Lopez were dispatched to a disturbance on Smokestone Drive. Upon arrival, they met with all parties involved. The suspect, a 26 year old male, was uncooperative and exhibited a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath and person. The suspect was taken into custody for public intoxication and transported to the Montgomery County Jail without further incident. On July 20, Deputy Hons observed a suspicious vehicle at the Shell/McDonalds at 8001 State Highway 242. Upon making contact with the occupants, one of the passengers was found to have two outstanding warrants for traffic offenses. The suspect, a 29 year old male, was taken into custody and transported to the Montgomery County Jail without incident. On July 20, Deputy McDonald conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that met the description of a suspect vehicle from a burglary in Conroe. During the course of the investigation, the driver, a 40 year old male, was found to have methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia within his vehicle. The suspect was taken into custody for possession of a controlled substance and was transported to the Montgomery County Jail without incident. perruques cheveuxOn July 21, Deputy Vargas was dispatched to the intersection of Gosling and Lake Woodlands, in reference to a suspicious person holding a knife and attempting to flag down vehicles. The suspect, a 27 year old male, was found to be highly intoxicated and was considered a danger to himself and others. The suspect was charged with public intoxication and transported to the Montgomery County Jail without further incident. On July 22, Deputy Brown was dispatched to 9200 Grogans Mill Road, in reference to a warrant service. The suspect, a 36 year old male, was taken into custody during a scheduled visit to the probation office, due to an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The suspect was transported to the Montgomery County Jail without incident. On July 23, Deputy Arnold was dispatched to 10001 Woodlands Parkway, in reference to a shoplifter in custody call. The suspect, a 17 year old female, while on break from work, attempted to take $216.35 worth of merchandise from Walmart. The suspect was taken into custody for theft and transported to the Montgomery Jail without incident. On July 24, Deputy Vasquez observed a suspicious vehicle in the Pinecroft Shopping center by Guadalajara’s Mexican restaurant. The vehicle was occupied by two males, both asleep, holding open beer bottles. The suspects, a 26 year old male and a 38 year old male, were both taken into custody for public intoxication and were transported to the Montgomery County Jail. On July 24, Deputy Trevino was dispatched to a shoplifter in custody call at 1201 Lake Woodlands Drive. The suspect, a 20 year old female, attempted to take $132.00 worth of merchandise from the JC Penny’s Department Store. The suspect was taken into custody for theft and transported to the Montgomery Jail without incident.

By J. Werner | Published 07/18/2016 Sgt. Erik Burse, the Safety Education and Public Information Officer for the Department of Public Safety. MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas - As the temperature soars to triple digits this week, tempers could also rise. Heat and traffic congestion often lead to road rage, and statistics show that the number of road rage incidents have increased. Put your pride in the backseat.lace front wigs Nearly eight out of 10 drivers have admitted to anger, aggression, or road rage while driving in the past year,according to a national study by the AAA Foundation.Their research suggests around eight million U.S. drivers engaged in "extreme" road rage, such as purposefully ramming another vehicle or getting out of the vehicle to confront another driver. In an effort to thwart road rage incidents, The Department of Public Safety is cautioning motorists to keep a cool head no matter how hot it gets. Sergeant Erik Burse, the Safety Education and Public Information Officer for the DPS, offers the following advice to safeguard against aggressive driving. “If you should be confronted by an aggressive driver, the first thing you should do is try and remove yourself away from the situation,” said Sgt. Burse. “Call the police. Call your local law enforcement. Dial 911. Try and get as much information of the other vehicle as you can, safely.” To see the complete public service announcement see the video DPS Trooper Erik Burse: Aggressive Drivers PSA The most important point Sgt. Burse makes is to not retaliate, making the situation worse. Reacting violently to someone’s aggression is a form of reverse road rage and equal to the initial act. “Put your pride in the backseat,” said Sgt. Burse. Research suggests around eight million U.S. drivers engaged in "extreme" road rage. In the past year, 104 million U.S. drivers admitted to tailgating, 95 million yelled at other drivers, 91 million honked out of annoyance, 67 million made angry gestures, 49 million blocked other drivers from entering a lane, 24 million cut off drivers on purpose, 7.6 million got out of their vehicles and confronted other drivers and 5.7 million rammed into other vehicles on purpose.

By Office of Governor Greg Abbott | Published 07/18/2016 AUSTIN, Texas - Governor Greg Abbott today announced an effort to strengthen penalties for crimes committed against law enforcement officers – the Police Protection Act. “At a time when law enforcement officers increasingly come under assault simply because of the job they hold, Texas must send a resolute message that the State will stand by the men and women who serve and protect our communities,” said Governor Abbott. The proposal is punctuated by making it a hate crime for anyone to commit a crime against a law enforcement officer out of bias against the police. The Governor will request the Texas legislature to pass the Police Protection Act in the 2017 legislative session. “While our state and the nation continue to mourn the heroes lost in Dallas, it is time for us to unite as Texans to say no more,” Governor Abbott continued. “The men and women in uniform risk their lives every day to protect the public, and it is time we show them the State of Texas has their back. Texas will no longer tolerate disrespect for those who serve, and it must be made clear to anyone targeting our law enforcement officials that their actions will be met with severe justice.” Governor Abbott’s Police Protection Act includes the following proposals: Extend hate crime protections to law enforcement officers;cosplay wigs Increase criminal penalties for any crime in which the victim is a law enforcement officer, whether or not the crime qualifies as a hate crime; Create a culture of respect for law enforcement by organizing a campaign to educate young Texans on the value law enforcement officers bring to their communities; For example, under current law, assault with bodily injury is generally punishable as a Class A misdemeanor, while assault on a public servant, including a law enforcement officer, is a 3rd degree felony. Under Governor Abbott’s proposal, in cases where the assault is on a law enforcement officer, the penalty would increase to a 2nd degree felony. “The recent shooting in Dallas is not the first time law enforcement officers in Texas have been targeted. Our goal is to do everything possible to make it the last,” added Governor Abbott. Law enforcement organizations in Texas offered the following statements in response to Governor Abbott’s Police Protection Act: "As a 26-plus year police officer in Houston, I’m extremely encouraged by Governor Greg Abbott’s legislative priority to make the State of Texas a national leader in protecting the lives of law enforcement officers. The attacks on law enforcement in Texas and the rest of our nation are unprecedented. Governor Abbott’s solution is the right approach for Texas law enforcement officers and the people of Texas who support them.” – Ray Hunt, President, Houston Police Officers Association "We applaud Governor Abbott for recognizing the importance of protecting law enforcement officers in the state of Texas. False narratives and irresponsible anti-police rhetoric have put our officers in greater danger than ever before. This is an important step toward protecting those who protect the citizens of this great state." – Kevin Lawrence, Executive Director, Texas Municipal Police Association “The Dallas Police Association applauds Governor Abbott’s bold plan in response to the recent wave of attacks on police officers. Now is the time for our elected leaders across our state and country to do the right thing and join our Governor in his call to better protect police officers.” – Ron Pinkston, President, Dallas Police Association "The Sheriff's Association of Texas is very pleased to hear our Governor is behind an effort to protect peace officers across our state. Every Texas Sheriff feels this should be a precedent for the leadership in other states to follow, and we support our Governor. We look forward to working with the Governor during the 2017 legislative session to pass these important protections." – Grimes County Sheriff Donald Sowell, President, The Sheriff's Association of Texas NOTE: The proposal of the Police Protection Act comes a day after three Baton Rouge police officers were killed and another four were wounded, which occurred ten days after five Dallas police officers were killed and seven wounded. In Texas an individual can be tried for capital murder when the victim is a peace officer or fireman who was acting under lawful duty at the time of the crime. The measure would increase criminal penalties for any crimes in which the victim is a law enforcement officer. Abbott's proposal comes after U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, introduced legislation on Wednesday that would make killing a police officer a federal crime. Under that federal proposal, someone who killed or conspired or attempted to kill a public safety officer, a federally funded law enforcement officer, or a federal judge, would be eligible for the death penalty as well as a mandatory minimum 30-year-sentence for murder and 10 years for attempted murder, according to Cornyn's office. Cornyn's bill also would create additional federal crimes for fleeing a state to avoid prosecution for such offenses or for assaulting an officer. It's hopeful that the rest of the nation will follow Texas' lead by strenghtening their laws to protect those who have dedicated their lives to protecting the public. In a show of solidarity and support of law enforcement officers, the public congregated at the Conroe Police Station Monday, for a prayer vigil. The event served a twofold purpose, to pray for the soles of the police offers recently killed in the line of duty, and for the safekeeping of those who will continue serve and protect. Another event is planned, Tuesday, July 19 at the Precinct 3 Constables office located at 1520 Lake Front Circle in The Woodlands.